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Buy and sell gold in Frankfurt
With the security of a bank 

Reisebank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DZ BANK AG and one of the top-selling precious metal traders in Germany. With us, you buy gold with the security of a bank, as all bars and coins undergo a multi-stage non-destructive testing process in advance.


An overview of our branches in Frankfurt:

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Branch Frankfurt am Main Central Station

Am Hauptbahnhof
60329 Frankfurt

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Branch Frankfurt am Main, Baseler Straße

Baseler Straße 35-37
60329 Frankfurt 

Purchasing precious metals in Frankfurt

For many years, Reisebank has been engaged in the sale of gold and, as part of the Cooperative Financial Group Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, has established itself as one of the top-selling precious metal traders in Germany. Benefit from our extensive gold expertise at our branches in Cologne.

  • Buying gold in Frankfurt is easy and convenient while on the go. Many products are available for immediate purchase or can be ordered upon request.
  • We offer high-quality and certified gold products from reputable manufacturers for asset protection and investment purposes.
  • Whether for investment or as a gold gift, we provide a wide selection of gold bars and coins for direct purchase in Frankfurt.
  • Gold purchase in Frankfurt: With us, you can not only acquire gold for investment purposes but also sell your gold assets.
  • Our gold experts in Frankfurt are happy to answer your questions regarding the purchase and sale of gold.

Explore our gold products in Frankfurt

Get information in advance about our gold products in our precious metal catalog and reserve or order your desired product by phone at one of our branches.

Our services in Frankfurt at a glance
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Buying gold coins in Frankfurt

Gold coins offer long-term stability and act as a hedge against economic uncertainties and inflation. Our carefully selected gold coins provide both aesthetic beauty and a solid investment opportunity.


Buying gold bars in Frankfurt

Gold bars are a proven form of long-term investment that can diversify your portfolio and protect against inflation. Whether gold bars or Kinebars, cast or minted, for investment purposes or as a gift: at Reisebank, you can securely and easily acquire the gold bars of your choice.


Gold purchase in Frankfurt

Are you looking for a trustworthy partner for gold purchases in Frankfurt? With us, the motto is "Gold is gold." Regardless of the condition (first or second choice), Reisebank typically purchases gold at the first-choice price." 

Gift a gold investment

Now invest in the future and shine with real values.

With high-quality gold bars or intricately minted gold coins, you are on the safe side and give lasting value.

Find the perfect gold gift for your loved ones now at Reisebank.

Buy gold online in Frankfurt
Take advantage of our convenient online offering

Reisebank also provides you with the option to easily order the desired gold products online and have them delivered to your home within 3 business days. Click here to go directly to our webshop and see our online range for yourself.

Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ)

  • What rules must be observed for cash transactions ("table transactions")?

    The (cash) purchase of gold and foreign currencies (so-called over-the-counter transaction) is possible at Reisebank in any magnitude. Please note that we are obligated to comply with legal regulations:

    For cash payments exceeding 2,500 euros, you are required to provide proof of origin for the money (e.g., bank statement with evidence of a recent withdrawal, corresponding receipt). In some cases, proof of origin may also be required for smaller amounts.

  • I would like to invest a larger amount in precious metals. Is it possible to transfer the money in advance?

    Yes, in our branches, we offer you the option to transfer amounts starting from €1,000 in advance. Please contact your desired branch for further information on this.

  • What is the weight unit "Oz"?

    "Oz" means ounce. 1 ounce corresponds to a weight of 31.1 grams.

  • What is the difference between a normal bar and a kinebar? 

    Kinebars are precious metal bars that include a "Kinegram" as a security feature. A Kinegram is defined as a seal-like image that possesses a hologram-like optical effect.

  • Do I receive a certificate of authenticity when I buy precious metals?

    No, you typically do not receive a certificate of authenticity with the precious metal. Exceptions are the Kinebars, which come with a certificate. In general, all gold bars and gold coins available through Reisebank undergo a multi-stage inspection process before being offered for sale. Security and trust, alongside the intrinsic value of the pieces, are the most important factors that investors should rely on when purchasing gold.

  • Is the purchase of gold exempt from VAT?

    The purchase of gold for investment purposes is exempt from VAT.

  • What about the withholding tax on gold?

    Private capital gains from other assets (including precious metals) are tax-free in accordance with ESTG § 23 (1) 2. after a holding period of one year. The investor is responsible for declaring taxable gains in the income tax return.

  • What is the advantage of a tablet bar?

    The main advantage of the bar is the ability to divide it into several pieces, each weighing one gram, if needed. This is made possible by predetermined breaking points. The bar sections of the slab bars available at Reisebank (20 grams 50 grams 100 grams) each have a weight of 1 gram. They can be easily and without material loss broken out of the overall structure when needed, thanks to precise breaking points. While the slab bar costs slightly more in purchase than a non-divisible bar, it is more cost-effective compared to the same quantity of individual 1-gram bars. Reisebank handles the redemption of partially used slab bars or individual pieces based on the price for 1-gram bars.

  • Do precious metals fluctuate in price?

    Yes, because the prices of precious metals are determined by supply and demand. Since precious metals are traded internationally against the US dollar, customers from the Eurozone need to consider not only the metal's quotation but also the EUR to USD exchange rate. Both factors combined can contribute to the volatility of the precious metal price.

  • How do I properly care for purchased gold and silver products?

    Please handle coins and bars with care. They should be protected from contamination and scratches by using gloves and coin pouches. To preserve their value, avoid making engravings or any alterations

  • What is the pricing per gram of precious metal?

    The most cost-effective purchase price per gram of precious metal is typically achieved when acquiring more valuable coins or bars, as manufacturing and distribution costs can be spread across a larger quantity of precious metal. The smaller the coin or bar, the greater the proportion of additional costs, making the price per gram of precious metal more expensive.

  • My gold bar/gold coin already has a scratch. Can I still sell it to the travel bank?

    Yes, regardless of their state of preservation (1st or 2nd choice), Reisebank buys gold bars and coins at the 1st choice price. 




Die Reisebank ist eine hundertprozentige Tochter der DZ BANK AG, einer der umsatzstärksten Edelmetallhändler der Bundesrepublik und versorgt neben dem eigenen Endkundengeschäft als institutioneller Händler vor allem die Institute der FinanzGruppe Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken mit Gold.


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